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Strawberry Vanilla Whip

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Featuring sweet notes of fresh, farm-grown strawberries combined with the comforting aroma of vanilla.  This candle is both fruity and nostalgic, so we'd take a bet you'll want to burn it long after the summer days have come and gone. 

" For us, one of the best scents of the summer is the sweet smell of ripe strawberry patch in search of the biggest and brightest red strawberries is something we did until we had eaten so many we'd spoiled our dinner!  Feasting on fresh strawberries and homemade strawberry pie are the enjoyable moments and memories that inspires this candle" 

Top note: Butter Frosting , Red Berries

Middle: Strawberry , Rhubarb , Caramel 

Base: Iced Vanilla Cream , Spun Sugar 


Ingredients :  

Made with high quality blend of phthalate and paraben free fragrance and essential oils.