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A Walk Among The Flowers

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Essential oils of citrus and bergamot come together for a soothing, floral scent combination. The perfect addition to your self-care Sunday routine. 

Ingredients: Contains Essential Oils of Citrus and Bergamot

Our 13 oz candles are 3.75" wide and 4.1 " tall.

Trim wick after each use, it’s very important. For the first use, burn for at least two hours until the entire liquid surface has turned to liquid wax. Always keep the candle in sight when in use. Choose an area away from drafts, open air vents, and ceiling fans. This will help avoid rapid burning and prevent flare-ups. If flames become too high, the candle is not burning properly. Blow out the candle, let it cool completely, and trim the wax. Learn about how to make the most out of your candle vessel here.